iPhone Vs Android

This entry was posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 11:05 pm

For those who have yet to join the millions of smartphone users the main decision to be made is which phone to choose; iPhone or the android.  Each phone has measurable options, data plans, and phone providers and the prices for the actual phone are also comparable.  If you are an anti-Apple user, then the android is the obvious choice; although if you are looking for the best data and quality of phone, then take a closer look how these two phones compare.

iPhone versus Android | Who has the better social networking?
Mobile browsing and social connection is one of the most used features on the smartphone; so social media users connect to their platforms many times day and finding the best phone that offers the easiest and quickest way is essential.  The new iPhone is proud to announce that its integration with Twitter can share photos, websites, and other media data with a couple of taps; however Android offers Facebook, Tweetdeck, Flickr, and Linked-in.  The droid’s APIs service always many other social networking options over the iPhone.

Web and Data
For simple number terms the iPhone can reach 14.4 Mbps but only averaged 2.2 Mbps.  The Android top selling smartphones reached 12.6 Mbps with their 4G connection.  Loading data is a biggie if you are going to download music and apps; the droid takes about 5 seconds and the iPhone doubles that and then some.  The service provider maybe the point of blame; iPhone had set up an exclusive deal with AT&T and just recently offers Verizon.  So the speed could change for those who use Verizon.  Another factor is the time of the day; high peak hours all providers will be slower; they want their customers to be able to connect with their phones rather than the net.

Apples with Apples
Some apps, systems, and other software is only available through Apple products.  ITunes is a huge target for the company and for those who do not have an iPhone or Apple products they are out of luck.  However, the Android does offer more apps that can be utilized in the place of any Apple product.  The major kudos point for Apple is that their notebooks are affordable enough to have the option of linking all your data to each other; whether that is to you iPad, Mac, or tablet.  Android does offer a notebook; however it is pricey and does not show to be a necessity as much as Apple’s products.

The main issue for some new users is the phone contract.  Boost mobile offers a month to month contract with no credit check, unlimited data, and no hidden fees.  For some this is a no brainer; in one day a smartphone user can use almost their entire data plan, and the rest of the month they are charged for everything data related.  iPhone is set to release the 5 version of their smartphone; perhaps the 10 version will beat the droids.

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