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Best iPhone UK University Applications – UCAS App

Specialized iPhone applications, or apps, are continually being developed to provide access to information for college and university students. College and university students may find it worthwhile to keep abreast of new developments of apps. These apps help students to … Continue reading

5 Money Saving iPhone Apps Every Driver Needs

iPhone Apps

There are many apps out there on the market that provide entertainment, tips and information, but there are few apps that can save drivers money. Here are five of the best iPhone apps that can save drivers money by helping … Continue reading

Apps to Help You Stay Fit and Maintain a Healthy Weight

iPhone Apps

If you’re hoping to avoid the “Freshman Fifteen” that most students tend to gain in college, it’s important to focus on creating a balance of proper diet, nutrition and exercise. There are a number of apps that can help you … Continue reading

A New App Explains Climate Change


Living in those times when it is claimed that our planet is undergoing drastic changes, climate change is more than just a buzzword. It is undoubtedly the term of the decade, as it has as much to do with politics … Continue reading

10 iPhone Apps for the Music Lover


The iPhone is pretty much the phone of choice for the hardcore music lover. Designed to integrate fully with the mighty iTunes, the phone’s internet connectivity and formidable built-in iPod make it idea for enjoying all your favourite tunes wherever … Continue reading

Best Camera Apps for the new iPad

iPad Camera Apps

The iPad 3 now offers many major improvements on the camera and high definition retina display. It’s also offering a better camera resolution. Though the megapixel hasn’t changed (it’s still 5mpx) but now it comes with an improved iSight which … Continue reading

Top iPhone Apps For Entertainment

Entertainment Apps

So many of us rely on our iPhones for everyday business, keeping in touch with the office at all times and ensuring we’re able to pick up emails, calls and texts with ease. But we also rely on our smart … Continue reading

Best iPhone Apps for keeping your documents and business in Cloud


Apple Company came up with iPhone many years back. The phone is in its 5th generation and the latest generation was unveiled last year. It is a Smartphone and comes with lots of features that are very useful to the … Continue reading