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Our BlackBerry Torch 9860 Insurance offers comprehensive cover for your blackberry phone, including accidental damage cover, water damage and for just £1 extra you could cover your blackberry phone from theft. Here's a breakdown of what's covered:

  • Accidental Damage: If you accidently drop or break your BlackBerry Torch 9860 there's no need to panic, we'll repair it for you.
  • Theft Cover: If your BlackBerry Torch 9860 gets stolen, we'll replace it for you and have it with you within 48 hours.
  • Liquid Damage: Should you happen to spill water over your BlackBerry Torch 9860 and it stops working, we'll repair it for you.
  • Breakdown: With our extended warranty, if your BlackBerry Torch 9860 develops an electrical or mechanical fault, we will fix it.
  • Loss: For an additional £1 per month, we will replace your BlackBerry Torch 9860 should you lose it.
  • 48 Hour Replacement: We’ll replace your BlackBerry Torch 9860 within 48 hours of a successful theft claim.
  • Worldwide Cover: Wherever you go, it’s good to know that worldwide cover is included as standard.
  • Up to 30% OFF: Get up to 30% OFF BlackBerry Torch 9860 Insurance when you insure multiple gadgets.

Upon its release, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 was said to boast the biggest ever BlackBerry touch screen (3.7 inches) – and it really is a great looking and fantastic piece of kit to own. With the BlackBerry Torch 9860 you will get an amazingly quick 1.2GHz processor, meaning that it can process multitasks with ease. This great BlackBerry is quick enough to keep up to speed with you, whatever you are doing. For work or home use, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 meets all of the requirements that you could possibly need.

Yes, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 really is a brilliant high performance handset, so if you are lucky enough to own one, you will need to get BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance as soon as possible. By getting BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance, you can effectively protect your handset against loss, theft or accidental damage. The last thing that anyone needs is to end up facing expensive handset repair or replacement costs, so get BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance today – it will provide you with peace of mind that you are fully covered should any negative events occur.

BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance really is an absolute must-have – don’t even think about using your BlackBerry Torch 9860 without first securing adequate cover. By getting BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance, you can protect your valuable handset against accidental damage, loss or theft – it really is an essential requirement for any protective BlackBerry Torch 9860 owner! Take action today to avoid the worst thing happening – get BlackBerry Torch 9860 insurance.


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